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Spielendes Kind im Baumhaus, Nachhaltigkeit bei FUHR: Als deutsches Familienunternehmen legen wir großen Wert auf Umweltschutz und soziale Verantwortung.

Security for the environment & future

As a family-run company, acting sustainably is very important to us. With an extensive history and close links to our home region, we see it as our duty to be socially responsible and conserve resources in everything we do to ensure a future for the following generations. To this end, we base all of our actions on the three pillars of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). In doing so, we do our part to ensure sustainable development that goes beyond the minimum requirements prescribed by law.

Sustainability at FUHR

Environmental protection

We are taking measurable steps when it comes to protecting our environment and conserving resources. We are working towards ISO 14001 certification for our environment management system through constant processes of improvement.

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Together for more sustainability ...
... in production

The production of locks and fittings is a relatively low-emission and low-pollution activity. For example, the manufacture of our products produces no harmful fumes or waste products. And our production process does not use any substances that are harmful to the environment.

However, various metal and steel products are required to produce our extensive range of lock components and fittings and steel production can sometimes be extremely energy-intensive. The process required to economically produce “green steel” is still in the development stage. At FUHR we do our best avoid any unnecessary consumption of resources during the preliminary stages thanks to continuous quality controls alongside production and increased use of standard materials.

The recycling rate of steel is as high as 90%. Steel can also be recycled multiple times. We therefore collect all metallic production waste and feed it back into the production cycle. Our lock components and fittings can all be recycled at the end of their lifecycle as part of the circular economy.


... as for our products

A number of our products come with so-called EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations). This provides environment-related information on our products, including details from their manufacture all the way to their installation. This transparency is necessary to meet the requirements for sustainable construction under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and improve the life-cycle assessment of buildings.

The high quality of our products guarantees a long service life, saving costs for the end user while preventing any unnecessary use of resources. Together with our partners, we strive to make the supply chain as “clean” as possible, assessing and evaluating our suppliers on the basis of their own commitment to environmental protection. In accordance with the REACH and RoHS regulations, we are reducing the use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment and other hazardous substances in the manufacture of our locks and fittings, using them only where absolutely technically necessary.

FUHR has created a CO₂ footprint for its in-house production and upstream processes over the past few years. Together with our partners, we are working to use this knowledge in the production of particular products with the aim of determining a detailed CO₂ footprint for each individual item. We plan to use this information to improve the ecological balance of a product throughout its entire life cycle.


... as for our site

FUHR took part in the ÖKOPROFIT project together with regional businesses and experts. Through a system of coordinated measures, the company has managed to increase its eco-efficiency while reducing its costs. The key themes here are the reduction of water and energy consumption, as well as waste reduction and increasing material efficiency. FUHR now saves more than 119.4 tonnes of CO₂ per year and has been awarded with an ÖKOPROFIT® certification.

Going one step further, in 2020, FUHR also created a CO₂ footprint using Effizienz-Agentur NRW’s ecocockpit service. This allowed FUHR to assess and take stock of the direct and indirect emissions of its own production steps and any upstream processes. FUHR has also been using energy exclusively from renewable sources and CO₂-compensated gas since 2020, ensuring that its production process is as climate-neutral as possible.

Building on the insights gained from ÖKOPROFIT, a certified environmental management system will now be introduced in 2023.


Environmental protection measures at the Heiligenhaus site:

  • Replacement of the heating system in the main plant
  • Operation of the complete heating system using climate-neutral gas
  • Compressed-air conditioning with heat recovery in production
  • Use of energy from renewable sources
  • Solar panels on the administration building for generating our own energy
  • Switchover to energy-saving LED lighting
  • Temperature control management for laser cutting and eroding machines
  • Streamlining of work steps and optimisation of operating time for energy-intensive equipment
  • Partial replacement of factory building windows and roofing
  • Lots of smaller measures for reducing energy consumption at workstations, separating and reducing waste, reducing paper consumption and much more
ÖKOPROFIT Kreis Mettmann 2017 de –  pdf, 5 MBDownload
Environmental Product-Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025 for locks en –  pdf, 653 KBDownload
Environmental Product-Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025 for panic and emergency exit devices en –  pdf, 669 KBDownload

Social responsibility

For us, treating others fairly and working together in harmony are just a matter of course. Responsibility, mutual respect and diversity are all fundamental FUHR principles, and they form the basis for our everyday work and business practices with our partners.

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Fairness and equal opportunities for everyone

As a trustworthy employer, supplier and customer that prides itself on its integrity, our aim is to ensure long-term business success while taking into account the various, diverse interests of our stakeholders. We therefore promote fair and transparent business practices and focus on long-term relationships built on trust as a fundamental principle. As a major regional employer, we are aware of our responsibility for our society, environment and local area. That’s why we have always acted in line with our core values as an owner-led family company and done so for over 165 years.

We value diversity and tolerance We actively distance ourselves from any form of discrimination. Equal opportunities and fairness towards one another are a matter of course. These guiding principles are the prerequisite for any collaboration with our suppliers, forming the basis for sustainable development across the entire supply chain. 


For us, social responsibility means:

  • Fair actions and business practices
  • Equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of where they come from, their religion, gender identity or social status
  • We say no to racism, discrimination and any form of violence
  • Continuously reviewing of our supply chains in terms of environmental protection, fairness, human rights and ethical operating practices based on ILO standards
  • Considering the needs of interest groups and communication on equal footing
  • Integrating people with disabilities into the work process and removal of barriers
  • Promoting the health and safety of our employees
  • Creating a safe workplace
  • Promoting local young talent and providing continuous training for qualified professionals
  • Charitable work in Heiligenhaus and the surrounding area


We work continuously to make our products and processes more efficient. This is crucial for ensuring our autonomy which, in turn, allows us to continue to be a reliable, forward-thinking partner for our employees, suppliers and customers.

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Acting sustainably for a secure future

We believe that only through economic actions can we can we continue to fulfil our social responsibility and commitments to protecting the environment in the long term. That’s why at FUHR we strive to ensure continuous, healthy growth. Only as an economically stable company can we continue to create added value for our suppliers and customers and offer a secure outlook for our employees.

Stable company management combined with a committed corporate policy, compliance with laws and regulations and long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders built on trust are all key factors for successfully meeting our sustainability targets.


To increase profitability, we invest...
...in our factory equipment

  • Continuous improvement of processes and modernisation of plant and machine equipment
  • Constant development of ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system
  • More flexibility and know-how through our in-house tool construction and special engineering
  • Technical and organisational measures for more environmental protection and waste reduction
...in our product range

  • Continuous innovation and further development of established products
  • Modular product design and optional, cross-range upgrades and add-ons
  • Creation of added value for our customers, e.g. through systemisation of our range and increased efficiency in storage and processing
  • Production of long-lasting quality products to avoid unnecessary consumption of resources
...in our relationships

  • Constant exchange with suppliers, customers and industry specialists to respond to new market requirements
  • Upholding our obligation towards our employees, suppliers and customers
  • Promoting and enhancing the qualifications and skills of our employees
  • Social commitment in the local area and cooperation with companies, associations and educational institutions