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Einfamilienhaus mit grüner Haustür, Motorische Mehrfach-Verriegelungen von FUHR für Haustüren und Objekttüren: Vollmotorische, selbstständige Türverriegelungen mit Schnittstelle für SmartHome-Zutrittssystemen.

Motor locks

As well as offering secure, automatic locking, the motorised multipoint locking systems by FUHR also impress with their high-quality, long-lasting motor drive. The drive is quick and powerful allowing all kinds of convenient opening versions, e.g. via the intercom system, with FUHR radio access systems or via any other access control system, including SmartHome solutions. Thanks to the many different connection options directly on the motor and the optional control unit, the locking system also opens up a whole new world of possibilities for use in residential and other buildings.

Vollmotorische Mehrfachverriegelung multitronic 881GL mit integrierter Panikfunktion

Choose the right locking system for you

multitronic 881GL
autotronic 836
autotronic 834
Type (side lock)




Hook bolt with dual round bolt
Automatic latching and hook bolt
Automatic deadlocking latch
Automatic, motorised locking
Automatic, mechanical locking
Motorised unlocking
Comfort opening due to integrated panic function
Child safety by locking out the main deadbolt (access controls are thus deactivated)
Can be upgraded with control unit
Day latch function via control unit
Permanently open function via control unit
Locking status for alarm systems via control unit
Status of door leaf position for alarm systems via control unit
Can be upgraded with all FUHR access controls
 standard configuration  optional panic version

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