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Solutions for side and back doors

Nebeneingangstür mit Glasscheibe, Zuverlässige Verriegelungen für Nebeneingangstüren: Einsteckschlösser, Automatikschlösser, Schlösser mit Schlüsselbetätigung, Drückerbetätigung und Renovierungsschlösser von FUHR.

Optimum protection for side and back doors

Our side and back door locks provide cost-effective solutions for whatever level of door security you want. The robust locking systems are easy to use, long-lasting and reliable in operation thanks to their precision finish and high-quality materials. Our range also includes flexible retrofitting solutions to make your door even more secure. 

Find the perfect locking system for your side or back door

Automatic locks

For those who value convenience above all else.

  • These locking systems lock automatically when the door is pulled shut.
  • You’ll never forget to lock your door again.
  • Can be upgraded with a motor for more convenient motorised opening.
Key-operated locks

For those who like to use a conventional key.

  • The door is opened and locked with a conventional cylinder key.
  • An effortless, tried-and-tested locking solution.
Lever-operated locks

For those who want to operate their door with an external lever handle.

  • These locks are locked by pushing up on the door handle.
  • Extra security is provided with a conventional cylinder key.
Locks for retrofitting

Perfect for those who want to replace their locks or increase security.

  • These locks provide lots of flexibility in length and spacing to meet all kinds of requirements.
  • Available as key-operated or automatic versions.
Mortice locks

The cost-effective solution, for a conventional level of security.  

  • Robust latch & deadbolt lock.
  • Perfect for access doors and back doors.
  • Conventional key operation. 

Benefits of FUHR locking systems 

Secure locking at multiple points
Energy efficient due to anti-warping design and long-lasting sealing
Wide range of products and variety of accessories
Robust and long-lasting thanks to high-quality materials
Flexible, cost-effective solutions
“Made in Germany” quality

Further additions for your side or back door

FUHR E-Öffner

Electric strikes

Beautifully simple: Open your door at the push of a button.

  • Convenient operation
  • Symmetrical design
  • Many different versions, including mechanical openers


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Dog bolts

A door’s opening side (also known as the hinge side) is crucial when it comes to increasing security. 

  • Make it more difficult to lever out the door
  • Provides increased protection against break-ins


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