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SmartConnect door

Tablet mit SmartConnect App in Bedienung, FUHR SmartConnect door – interaktive Video-Türsprechanlage. Steuerung der Haustür per App.

Never miss a visitor again

SmartConnect door is the smart video intercom system that lets you contact whoever is at your front door at any time. Even when you’re not home.

View, speak, open and much more – wherever you are. You can operate the system easily and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

Clever additional functions

The compact, discreet door module includes a SmartHome server which allows users to open the door and manage access permissions. You can even control lighting or the garage door. 


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Your front door can do more!

See what’s possible – our product video shows just how SmartConnect door can make your everyday even more convenient and secure:

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Intuitive operation via the app to allow interaction with visitors wherever you are.

Secure and reliable

Highly secure encryption mechanisms, no user data in the cloud.

Easy installation

Can be installed easily in the door element without inspection openings.

Versatility through compatibility

Option for easy connection to all common motor locks, electric strikes and doorbell buttons.

Practical functions

Built-in SmartHome server for access management and control of other system components.

Flexibility in use

Installation in the door panel, leaf profile or flush next to the door is easy thanks to the compact design.

For an intelligent front door

Smart intercom system

SmartConnect door is the smart replacement for expensive and hard-to-install intercom systems. The small door module is delivered directly with the front door. It comes with a built-in touch doorbell and additional connection options for up to three more (doorbell) buttons.

Smart app

Interacting with visitors is made easy through the intuitive app using your smartphone or tablet.

Smart access

SmartConnect door also makes accessing the building from outside even more convenient:
You can access the premises using your smartphone via the Internet or you can use a radio key. There’s no need to install separate access controls.

Make contact with visitors anytime

With SmartConnect door you know right away who is at your door and can make contact with visitors anytime and from anywhere.

  • View visitors and speak to them
  • Open doors
  • Track missed visits
  • Monitor door status
  • Create photo records

Individual access management

SmartConnect door makes accessing the building from outside easy – all without a conventional key.

You can also create and share individual access profiles using your smartphone. Perfect for temporary users such as interim tenants or tradespeople.

SmartHome functions

Other doors and gates with motor locks, electric strikes or electronic cylinders can be controlled in addition to the door with SmartConnect door. Additional SmartHome actuators can also be connected and granted individual permissions.

Possible to integrate other elements, e.g.:

  • Side/back entrance doors, apartment doors and package boxes with motor locks or electric strikes
  • Garage doors
  • SmartTouch door handles, radio keys, finger scanners, transponders
  • Shutters, light, door radio bell, window monitoring

Security begins at your front door

Always keep an eye on your front door with SmartConnect door. It simulates your presence for the person at your door, even if you’re not home. SmartConnect door and the SmartConnect app have been developed in line with the highest requirements for system security. They use modern encryption mechanisms to prevent manipulation or misuse. Used in combination with the FUHR motor locks multitronic 881 and autotronic 834/836, SmartConnect door provides the best protection against any break-in attempts for your front door.

Secure and reliable

  • Secure encryption mechanisms comparable to online banking
  • Extensive administration and permissions concept
  • No user data saved in the cloud, no need for registration to an online service
  • Optional multi-step confirmation of opening commands in the app or with a SmartTouch door handle
  • Optional offline access with conventional access controls, e.g. radio key or fingerprint scanner 
Haustür schwarz, Teaser Scd Sicherheit

Intuitive app

The free SmartConnect app lets you conveniently manage and control all SmartConnect door functions:

  • Interact with visitors
  • Open doors without a key
  • Get push notifications 
  • Grant temporary access permissions and invite users
  • Analyse events and track access
  • Extensive administrator functions for setting up additional users, applications, actuators, switching times, linked actions and much more


Added value for fabricators

SmartConnect door offers fabricators unique benefits for door manufacturing:

  • The door element comes with an intelligent component and makes extra technical work redundant
  • The door element incl. video intercom system can be outfitted and tested in production
  • Easy installation in the door element – without inspection openings 
  • Reliable network connection thanks to pre-assembled SmartConnect LAN cable
  • Combining with FUHR motor locks unlocks even more options for added functions. The smart radio module makes installation and set-up a breeze
  • Option to connect additional doorbell buttons available


FUHR Smart Connect door Illustration Funktionsweise

Flexible positioning – modern design

Various mounting types are possible in all door materials thanks to the compact design to give your door an even sleeker look.

  • Installation in door panel

  • Installation in leaf profile

  • Flush installation next to the door

Characteristics & details

Technical data


  • Dimensions:
    140 x 40 x 36.5 mm
  • For all door materials, flush installation possible
  • Screw terminals for easy attachment, terminal area 1-17

Power supply

  • SmartConnect door:
    12 V/24 VDC, 4W
  • Power input:
    13mA, 3W (max.)
  • Built-in energy store for using the module in doors with tappet contacts (without cable run)

Environmental conditions

  • Protection class IP 44
  • Temperature range:
    -25 to +70 degrees Celsius


  • Power supply:
    12/24 VDC, data bus
  • Network
  • Three external bell buttons, illuminated 


Data security


  • Cabled LAN network connection
  • Optional WiFi connection depending on the selected encryption (min. WPA2 recommended)


  • SSL encrypted communication, security level comparable to online banking

App access

  • User account control with password protection
  • Protected administrator area
  • FaceID and TouchID for added security and convenience


  • Linked to user accounts, independent of the mobile device
  • Administrators can block and delete users at any time or request users set up a new password 
  • Data is encrypted and saved locally. No user data is saved in cloud services 
Door security

  • Increased protection against break-ins thanks to FUHR motor locks
  • Door status monitoring
  • Push notifications for changes to door status
  • Option to monitor entrance area
  • Presence simulation
Data transfer

Network connectivity

  • Communicates with the router in the local network using an ethernet cable
  • A cable run is required for SmartConnect door mounting if using the recommended LAN connection

Conforms to 

  • EN 300 220
  • EN 300 328
  • EN 301 489
  • EN 62 311
  • EN 60 950


Radio connections

  • Switching of actuators:
    Door opening (communication with Smart radio module in conjunction with FUHR motor locks):
    868.92 MHz
  • Switching of other actuators and radio transmitters:
    868.30 | 868.92 | 2.4 GHz
  • Wireless network communication: 
    WiFi/Bluetooth 2.4 GHz


Other data connections

  • Optional connection to motor locks from other manufacturers or to electric strikes via protected bus line with relay module
SmartConnect app

Operating systems

  • iOS 
  • Android
  • Latest operating version required


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish

Basic functions

  • Remote control of actuators, e.g. motor locks
  • Video/audio transmission
  • Door status display
  • Push notifications
  • Journal/event recorder
  • User administration 
  • Administrator environment
  • No subscription required

Special functions

  • Timer for automatic switching of actuators
  • User-specific permissions and user invitation
  • Radio transmitter management, e.g. radio keys
  • Added access security thanks to two-step opening (command confirmation in app)
  • Added access security thanks to SecureTouch (command confirmation in conjunction with SmartTouch push bar)
  • Linked actions, e.g. “switch radio door chime when touch doorbell activated” 
  • FaceID/TouchID login

Optional upgrades

  • Smart radio module and user SmartKey
  • Connection cable for up to 3 external bells
  • Special network cable
    (length: 5 m)
  • Bus relay module
  • Lock-specific cable sets for relay module

Simple set-up

The QuickStartGuide gives you helpful tips to get up and running in no time. This is based on using mobile end devices with iOS and Android operating systems. All other settings can be configured easily in the app with step-by-step instructions.

All information on setting up and operating the system can also be found in the detailed operating instructions.

Installation is easy using the installation instructions.

Manage additional access controls

SmartConnect allows you to manage additional access controls intelligently. For example, you can integrate the FUHR SmartTouch comfort access system or the multiscan go radio fingerprint scanner and allocate individual time profiles. This is particularly handy for groups of people that don’t want to or shouldn’t be able to use their smartphone for opening the door, such as children or tradespeople.  

SmartTouch 2.0 convenient access system

Open doors without a key simply by pushing the dor handle. Twice as smart in combination with SmartConnect door.

  • SecureTouch: Prevents you from accidentally triggering door opening via the app. The door will only open if the door handle is touched
  • Manage up to 200 user SmartKeys
  • High-quality stainless steel door handles in many different versions


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