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Haustür geöffnet, Innenansicht, FUHR SmartConnect easy – smartes Zutrittssystem für die einfache Steuerung von Haus- oder Wohnungstür per App auf das Smartphone. Einfache Türöffnung ohne herkömmlichen Schlüssel.

SmartHome for retrofitting made easy

Open your door the modern way. Completely keylessly – via your smartphone or tablet. Even on the go, grant access online using the SmartConnect app.

SmartConnect easy lets you control and monitor your doors online, giving you complete access to your locking systems any time, any place, ensuring you always feel safe and secure.

And the intelligent control unit lets you do much more than just open your door. Users can also use it to operate garage doors and lighting too. All you need is your smartphone. That’s how easy smart access is today.

With some simple retrofitting, SmartConnect easy is perfect for use in single-family homes, rented apartments or small businesses. The door just needs to be fitted with a motorised FUHR multipoint locking system. 


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Unbelievably convenient

Open doors easily from your smartphone – no more looking for keys.

Secure and reliable

Tried-and-tested SSL encryption and password-protected administrator area.

Easy installation

Simply plug the base module in, connect to WiFi and create an application. Done!

Extensive logging

Up to 1,000 journal entries for documenting access, changes and settings

Practical functions

Smart convenience – temporary access controls for e.g. tradespeople or cleaning staff.

Intelligent application

Individual user management for up to 200 users.

Easy to install and control

SmartConnect easy is completely wireless making it easier and more cost-efficient to install. All you need is a standard plug socket; the intuitive app takes care of the rest.

The WiFi communication module allows users to control and manage multiple FUHR motor locks from their smartphone, all completely wirelessly via radio. The device can be connected to any 230-volt socket and linked to the desired motor locks via radio.

This makes SmartConnect easy perfect for retrofitting and for additional/follow-up business.

Users can monitor and control their door or manage users wherever they are using the app. Other SmartHome applications can also be integrated, e.g. additional FUHR motor locks or receivers for garage doors, electric strikes or lights. 


To FUHR motor locks

Smart access for small businesses or homes

The high number of possible users makes SmartConnect easy the perfect access system for small businesses, medical practices, law firms and apartment buildings. It can also make everyday life so much easier in private dwellings:

  • Door opening via smartphone or tablet
  • Recording of access, changes and settings
  • Temporary access control
  • Door status monitoring

Retrofit home & office with smart solutions

Even doors equipped with a mechanical cylinder lock can be easily controlled and managed with SmartConnect easy. The FUHR digital cylinder is available for this purpose. This allows you to effortlessly retrofit any doors that don’t have a motor lock. In addition to the option for opening with RFID tags, the digital cylinder also comes with an additional radio interface for optional radio operation with SmartConnect easy

This means you can integrate e.g. interior doors in office buildings, as well as side and back doors in private dwellings without a problem, and control like the front door via the SmartConnect app. Additional radio receivers also make it possible to set up smart control of your garage door, for example.

The smart access solution for all areas.

SmartHome functions

The additional functions provide even more convenience for the user with an even wider range of applications. Connecting other devices is quick and convenient with SmartConnect easy.

Convenient SmartHome functions:

  • SmartHome control for garage and driveway gates, electric strikes, lighting, shutters and much more
  • Receive push notifications for events
  • Set recurring appointments
  • Easy to set up network integration
  • Option to integrate FUHR radio transmitters, digital cylinders and timers
  • Integrate WiFi-based systems such as Amazon Alexa or Philips Hue
  • Two-step opening for added security against accidental triggering of door opening in the app
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Installation and set-up – it’s easy

Installation is as easy as pie. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go!

The QuickStartGuide gives you helpful tips to get up and running in no time. This is based on using mobile end devices with iOS and Android operating systems. All other settings can be configured easily in the app with step-by-step instructions.

All information on setting up and operating the system can also be found in the detailed operating instructions.

Manage additional access controls

SmartConnect allows you to manage additional access controls intelligently. For example, you can integrate the FUHR SmartTouch comfort access system or the multiscan go radio fingerprint scanner and allocate individual time profiles. This is particularly handy for groups of people that don’t want to or shouldn’t be able to use their smartphone for opening the door, such as children or tradespeople.  

SmartTouch 2.0 convenient access system

Open doors without a key simply by pushing the dor handle. Twice as smart in combination with SmartConnect door.

  • SecureTouch: Prevents you from accidentally triggering door opening via the app. The door will only open if the door handle is touched
  • Manage up to 200 user SmartKeys
  • High-quality stainless steel door handles in many different versions


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