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Pivot doors are one of the most sophisticated door designs used in deluxe residential and commercial buildings and are becoming increasingly popular. Maintaining high levels of safety and seal tightness is often a challenge when working with these often very large elements. For such prestigious entrance doors, FUHR offers the automatic locking systems from the autosafe 835 series, supplemented by a powerful autotronic motor drive.

This system provides automatic multipoint locking on both sides coupled with convenient, motorised opening. Intelligent DuoSecure technology with sturdy hook bolts locks the doors securely. Additional latching bolts seal the doors tightly.


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The perfect choices for both sides of your door.

Wide side of the door leaf

The autosafe 835PK or the autosafe 835PK-Pivot are used on this side of the door leaf. The automatic multipoint locking system is supplemented by an autotronic motor drive. The switching contacts of the lock ensure that the motors work perfectly on both the wide and narrow sides of the door leaf. You are free to decide whether you activate them using an access control system, pushbutton, lever handle or cylinder. As a further bonus and for added convenience, this locking system also provides an optional permanently open function without needing an additional control unit.


Narrow side of the door leaf

Equip this side of the leaf with either the standard autosafe 835 automatic locking system or the autosafe 835P panic version. The autotronic motor drive is also fitted on this side.

Impressive benefits for flexible applications.

Use of standard components for a wide range of requirements
Easy to add extensions for tall doors
Convenient door opening via access control systems
Innovative, patented locking solution for pivot doors
Simple wiring
Solutions for doors made from all kinds of materials

Intelligent components for secure pivot doors.

DuoSecure for ultimate security

autosafe 835 locks use type 10 locking mechanisms with robust hook bolts for ultra-secure pivot door locking. The innovative DuoSecure technology with special sequence control provides convenient automatic locking and creates a tight seal.

Clever locking technology

The autosafe 835PK automatic multipoint locking system is equipped with switching contacts. This makes it possible to control the motor drives from both sides of the pivot door leaf to ensure that the door opening process runs smoothly.

The autosafe 835PK-Pivot version has been specially developed for use in pivot doors fitted with inside door handles. It synchronises the motorised opening of both locks when either the lever handle or cylinder is operated.

Impressive benefits of FUHR locking systems for pivot doors.

Secure, automatic locking on both leaf sides
Sturdy latching bolts for a flawless locking process and a tight seal
Fast and powerful motorised unlocking
Handy permanently open function via the universal motor drive (no additional control unit)
Synchronised unlocking of locks, even when using an inside door handle
Tappet contacts can be used, special pivot hinges with cable grommets not required

Required components

autotronic motor drive

The retrofittable motor drive has a patented dual motor configuration for speedy unlocking. It is designed for universal use with a 12 or 24 V DC power supply and offers a wide range of impressive connection options: 

  • Universal inputs for potential-free or energised opening signals for shortterm or permanently open function
  • Fused 350 mA output with 12 V DC for direct connection of an access control system or lighting in the door element
  • Mount for plug-in FUHR wireless modules for use with FUHR access control systems (without a separate control unit)
  • Option of connecting an indicator LED for the outside of the door


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Power supplies 12V or 24V

Switching power supplies for mounting in the door frame or on the DIN rail


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Frame components

Profil-specific standard and one-piece strike plates in flat and U-designs.


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Cable for switch contacts

Enables simultaneous motorised opening of both locks, even with lever handle or cylinder actuation.


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Connecting cable

Depending on the selected mounting variant.


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Recommended components

Battery module 12 V

The battery module ensures that motor locks remain operational even in the event of a power failure. If the 230 V mains voltage fails, it jumps in to provide the 12 V DC operating voltage without interruption.

It is generally advisable to use a battery module to ensure flawless function when using tappet contacts in pivot doors and especially for doors that are not fitted with a cylinder or lever handle.


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Profile cylinder

Profile cylinders on both sides let the door be opened manually at any time.

Optional components

Tappet contacts

For wireless power transmission from the frame to the door leaf. Available in profile-specific versions for concealed hinges and pivot doors. The pivot function is further optimised by a special mounting plate with bevelled edge for the contact surface.


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Deadbolt switching contacts

Strike plate contacts for monitoring the locking of main and secondary locking systems, e.g. for integration into an alarm system


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Radio receiver module

For using FUHR wireless access control, e.g. radio key or radio fingerprint scanner.


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Type 10 locking device for an additional locking point in the upper door leaf area for doors over 2.5 m tall. Can easily be shortened by 200, 400 or 600 mm to the desired length.


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Smart Touch 

The convenient, keyless access control with smart KeylessGo technology enables the door to be opened simply by touching the door handle.


  • Wide range of handle variants
  • Smart radio receiver can simply be plugged onto the motor drive


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Access control systems

Access control systems from other manufacturers can also be easily integrated.

Optional FUHR radio access control systems  

Versatile mounting options

Door with tappet contacts

Variant 1 – with inside lever handle
Variant 2 – without inside lever handle

Door with cable grommet in pivot hinge

Variant 3 – with inside lever handle
Variant 4 – without inside lever handle

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