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Falttor mit Glasscheiben, Verlässliche Verriegelungen für Falt-, Schiebe- und Industrie-Tore von FUHR: Tor-Treibriegel, Tor-Kantriegel, Falttor-Treibriegel.

Secure locking for gates

We provide a wide range of drive locks and espagnolette bolts for protection of your folding, sliding and industrial gates that you can rely on. All of our products impress thanks to their tried-and-tested technology and long-lasting functionality and come with zinc coating for durable corrosion protection.

High security thanks to reliable locking
Tried-and-tested, robust design
High-quality materials ensure a long service life
Large selection of products for wide-ranging use
Extensive range of accessories
Reliable “Made in Germany” quality

FUHR means versatility

Whether you need a bolt for the inactive leaf of a double-leaf gate or are looking for a locking system for a folding or sliding gate, we’ve got you covered. Our drive locks and espagnolette bolts are suitable for use on both timber and steel gates.

What’s more, thanks to our extensive range of accessories with square and flat rods, rod sleeves, floor bushes, roller plates and much more, you’re sure to always find a complete, comprehensive solution.

Feuerwehr Falttor. Verriegelungen für Falt-, Schiebe- und Industrie-Tore von FUHR.

Gate drive locks

Resilient gate drive locks for securing the inactive leaf of double-leaf steel or timber gates.

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Gate espagnolette bolts

Robust, heavy-duty gate espagnolette bolt for high hollow-profile folding gates.

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Folding gate bolts

Sturdy bolts for timber and steel folding gates. Available as moderate and heavy-duty versions.

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