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Wohnungstür in rot. Komplett-Programm für Wohnungstüren von FUHR: automatische, motorische und schlüsselbetätigte Mehrfach-Verriegelungen und universelle Schließteile speziell für Wohnungsabschlusstüren.

Feel safe, feel at home

The entrance door to your apartment has many jobs to do. And our high-quality, long-lasting multipoint locking systems will help it do them all. Powerful locking mechanisms at multiple points increase security and provide reliable protection against uninvited guests. Our locking systems also ensure that your door is tightly sealed to keep out noise and the cold stairwell air. Feel safe, feel at home.

When it comes to convenience, we recommend our automatic and motor locks for easy, fully automatic locking. All you have to do is push or pull the door closed.

Find the perfect locking system for your apartment door

Motor locks

For those wanting to get the best out of their apartment door.

  • These locking systems lock automatically with motorised opening.
  • It’s easy to connect modern access systems, e.g. finger scanners.
  • Many more connections are provided, e.g. swing door drive or alarm system.
Automatic locks

For those who value convenience above all else.

  • These locking systems lock automatically when the door is pulled shut.
  • You’ll never forget to lock your door again.
  • Can be upgraded with a motor for more convenient motorised opening.
Key-operated locks

For those who like to use a conventional key.

  • The door is opened and locked with a conventional cylinder key.
  • An effortless, tried-and-tested locking solution.
Locks for retrofitting

Perfect for those who want to replace their locks or increase security.

  • These locks provide lots of flexibility in length and spacing to meet all kinds of requirements.
  • Available as key-operated or automatic versions.

Benefits of FUHR locking systems 

High security thanks to multipoint locking
Convenient operation
Energy efficient due to anti-warping design and long-lasting sealing
Increased soundproofing
Robust and long-lasting 
Sleek design 
SmartHome-Systeme von FUHR für eine smarte Haustür: Steuern und überwachen der Türen von unterwegs mit dem Smartphone oder Tablet.

Intelligent products for your


SmartConnect easy

Intelligent access control system with WiFi technology. Open your door conveniently from your smartphone – even while on the move.

  • Ideal for retrofitting

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Further additions for your apartment door

FUHR E-Öffner

Electric strikes

Beautifully simple: Open your door at the push of a button.

  • Convenient operation
  • Symmetrical design
  • Many different versions, including mechanical openers


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Access restriction lock

Restrict door opening for added security. 

  • Offers protection against unwanted access after opening the door
  • Can be retrofitted at any time


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FUHR Sperrbügelschloss

Smart door solutions for the residential sector with KIWI®

Together with access specialists KIWI®, we have designed the SmartDOORS apartment entrance doors for the residential sector. The KIWI platform takes away the stress of key management as part of conventional locking systems. It offers tenants online door access for added convenience while saving costs and increasing efficiency for property managers.

The fully motorised multitronic 881GL with special KIWI connection provides convenient motorised operation of smart apartment entrance doors.

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