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Aluminium & steel doors

Zweiflüglige Aluminium-Objekt-Außentür. Hochwertige Verriegelungen und Rahmenteile von FUHR, speziell abgestimmt auf die Anforderungen von Aluminium- und Stahltüren.

Complete range for aluminium and steel doors

Benefit from a superior combination of top-class products and efficient workmanship from the get-go with this system solution. The aluminium/steel solution gives you security and enables you to respond to every conceivable requirement – in both the residential and non-residential sector. It provides user convenience without compromising on security and neglecting production-related issues. The complete range has three main advantages: increased efficiency in production, more flexibility in selecting components and faster response times to market requirements.

No matter which programme components you decide on: identical cut-outs and screw holes always guarantee efficient installation.

Uniform cut-outs and screw holes and universal one-piece strike plates

FUHR Aluminium Rahmenprofil
FUHR Aluminium-Flügelprofil
Type description

Identical cut-out dimensions and screw hole positions ensure security in production.


Large selection from a complete range incl. automatic, panic, fire protection and motor versions.


A single one-piece strike plate for many different requirements – from standard to motor lock – reduces storage costs.


Fast response to customer requests thanks to individual retrofit options.


High-quality materials guarantee a long product service life.


Access to complete data for the FUHR range via Orgdata LogiKal®.

Locking system solutions

Choose from a wide range of lock models for use with aluminium and steel doors. The reliable security provided by these locking systems has been recognised by the German corporate security institution VdS. Our panic locking systems are also certified according to EN 179 and EN 1125 and are produced as fire protection versions as standard.

This makes you well-equipped for even the most demanding requirements.

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Moderne Haustür eines Wohngebäudes. FUHR autotronic 836 – automatische Mehrfach-Verriegelung mit DuoSecure und motorischer Entriegelung für Haus- und Objekttüren.
Gewerbliches Objekt mit Glasfront und zweiflügeliger Eingangstür aus Aluminium. Verriegelungen und Rahmenteile von FUHR für Aluminium- und Stahltüren.

Multipoint locking systems

Choose the right locking system for you

multisafe 803
multisafe 871
multisafe 855GL
multisafe 856
multisafe 859
multisafe 870GL
autosafe 833
autosafe 833SP
autosafe 833P
autotronic 834
autotronic 834P
autosafe 835
autosafe 835SP
autosafe 835P
autotronic 836
autotronic 836P
multitronic 881GL
Type (side lock)

3, 8, 11

3, 8

3, 8













Lever-operated with split spindle
Automatic with deadlocking latch
Automatic with hook bolt
Motor release
Motor can be retrofitted
Fully motorised
Panic EN 179/1125 – single-leaf
Panic EN 179/1125 – double-leaf
Fire-resistant version
Day latch function
Access restriction lock
Switching contacts
Break-in protection up to RC3
Break-in protection up to RC4
SKG up to 2 stars
SKG up to 3 stars
VdS approval
standard configuration optional

Frame components for aluminium and steel doors

FUHR Schließleiste Aluminium Typ3


FUHR Schließleiste Aluminium U Typ8


FUHR Schließleiste Aluminium Typ4/10/11


FUHR multisafe 844 Schließleiste Typ3


FUHR multisafe 844 Typ8


FUHR multisafe 844 Schließleiste Typ4/10/11


One-piece strike plates & inactive leaf locking systems

All locking system types can be covered with just three one-piece strike plates.

  • Specially tailored one-piece strike plates for aluminium and steel doors
  • Universal system one-piece strike plates, suitable for type 4, 10 and 11
  • Retrofitting one-piece strike plates that become inactive leaf fittings for even more flexibility


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FUHR Schließteile Aluminium U

Strike plates

Profile-specific strike plates in flat and U-versions


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Dog bolts

Make it more difficult to lever out the door and increases protection against break-ins.


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FUHR Aluminium Bandseitensicherung hoch
Notausgangsschild eines Gewerbegebäudes

No reason to panic.

Emergency exit door solutions

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