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Functional doors

Zweiflüglige Innentür aus Stahl. Die FUHR Systemlösung für multifunktionale Türen: optimal systematisierte Verriegelungen und Rahmenteile für Vollblatttüren aus Stahl.

Product variety for functional doors

This system solution for functional doors offers a variety of tailored products for a wide range of applications and the special requirements of multifunctional doors. It also offers user convenience without compromising on security and neglecting production-related issues for the fabricator.

The result is a perfectly systematised complete range for solid-leaf timber or steel doors with innovative technical details and additions. No matter which components you decide on: identical cut-outs and screw holes always guarantee efficient installation.

Uniform cut-outs and screw holes and universal strike plates

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Type description

Identical cut-out dimensions and screw hole positions ensure security in production.


Large selection from a complete range incl. automatic, panic, fire protection and motor versions.


Tested and certified solutions for single and double-leaf emergency exit doors according to EN 179 and EN 1125.


System-specific strike plates for all kinds of applications – for rebated and flush timber doors and steel doors


Wide range of accessories to meet almost any requirement and allow you to respond to customer requests with more flexibility.


High-quality materials guarantee a long product service life.

Locking system solutions

Choose from a wide range of lock models for use with multifunctional solid-leaf timber or steel doors. The variety of tailored products covers all areas of application for single and double-leaf soundproof doors, fire protection doors, smoke protection doors and emergency exit doors, including emergency exit doors with increased protection against break-ins.

The extensive range also includes key-operated, automatic and motorised locking systems to allow you to respond to customer requests with more flexibility.

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Multifunktionstür aus Stahl eines industriellen Gebäudes. Die FUHR Systemlösung für multifunktionale Türen bietet Verriegelungen und Rahmenteile für Vollblatttüren aus Stahl.

Choose the right locking system for you

multisafe 855GL
multisafe 870GL
autosafe 833
autosafe 833P
autotronic 834
autotronic 834P
autosafe 835
autosafe 835P
autotronic 836
autotronic 836P
multitronic 881GL
Type (side lock)

3, 8, 11











Automatic with deadlocking latch
Automatic with hook bolt
Motor release
Motor can be retrofitted
Fully motorised
Panic EN 179/1125 – single-leaf
Panic EN 179/1125 – double-leaf
Fire-resistant version
Day latch function
Switching contacts
Break-in protection up to RC3
Break-in protection up to RC4
VdS approval
standard configuration optional

Frame components for functional doors

We offer high-quality stainless steel strike plates tailored to the different types of door production.

Strike plates

  • For rebated solid-leaf timber doors
  • For flush solid-leaf timber doors
  • For steel solid-leaf doors


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Emergency exit door solutions

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