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FUHR Verlängerungen Typ 3/4/8/10/11


For achieving door heights up to 4000 mm.

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  • Available for aluminium, steel, timber and uPVC doors
  • Flat 16, 20 mm and U30x8 mm – length: 1200 mm
  • U24x6 und U24x6.7 mm – length: 982 mm
  • Length can be shortened by 200, 400 or 600 mm

Type 3

  • Suitable for multisafe 855GL/856/859

Type 4

  • Suitable for autosafe 833 and autotronic 834
  • Can also be used with the panic locks autosafe 833P/833PK and autotronic 834P/834PK in accordance with EN 179/EN 1125
  • Also available as fire-resistant design

Type 8

  • Suitable for multisafe 855GL/856/859 

Type 10

  • Suitable for autosafe 835 and autotronic 836
  • Can also be used with the panic locks autosafe 835P/835PK and autotronic 836P/836PK in accordance with EN 179/EN 1125
  • Fire-resistant design already standard

Type 11

  • Suitable for multisafe 855GL
Manual extensions - Type 3/4/8 (M6.3) en –  pdf, 1 MBDownload
Manual extensions - Type 10 (M6.4) en –  pdf, 722 KBDownload
Manual extensions - Type 11 (M6.2) en –  pdf, 812 KBDownload

Accessories for uPVC doors

Extensions, locking devices, connections and accessories for faceplate F16 from the FUHR compact range. Many different connection options at the top and bottom for solutions to fit your needs.

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Stable hook bolt

  • Retrofit hook bolts for advanced security requirements
  • Made of sturdy steel
Extension with hook bolt

  • Additional locking system for upper area in extra high doors
  • Length 740 mm
  • FUHR Silver
Locking device for arched doors

  • Additional locking system for upper area in arched doors
  • With two roller cams
  • Length 800 mm
  • FUHR Silver
End bolt

  • For additional contact pressure
  • With roller cam
  • Length 150 mm
  • FUHR Silver
Connection 70 mm

  • For use at reduced lever handle heights
  • FUHR Silver
Connection 200 mm

  • For use with low or high doors
  • FUHR Silver
Connection with roller cam

  • For use with low or high doors
  • Length 200 mm
  • FUHR Silver
Corner drive

  • For additional contact pressure in corner area
  • With roller cam
  • Dimensions 150 x 150 mm
  • FUHR Silver
Shoot bolts

  • As extra security and additional contact pressure, specially for double-leaf doors
  • Length 150 mm
  • FUHR Silver
FUHR Motorantrieb nachrüstbar

Retrofitting motor

For convenient motorised opening, e.g. via intercom system or an access control system, automatic locking systems from the autosafe 833/835/837 series can be upgraded with a motor.


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  • Suitable for autosafe 833(SP/P/ PK)/835(SP/P/PK)/837(P)
  • Retrofitting has the advantage of a convenient, motorised opening
  • Quick and powerful release thanks to patented double motor principle – opens in just half a second
  • Robust and long-lasting – tested with 500,000 operations
  • Intelligent motor with reed switch
  • Universal connection options directly on the motor plug, for e.g. access control systems or illuminated glazing elements
  • Optional control LED for door exterior can also be connected directly on the motor drive
  • When retrofitting the automatic locks in the variant with day latch function, a mechanical door opener without release lever must be used
Manual motor drive autotronic 12 Volt (M12d) en –  pdf, 493 KBDownload

I/O modules and cable for 837

For controlling and monitoring the autosafe 837/837P locking systems, e.g. in escape route security systems or intruder alarm systems. Simple and secure connection with encrypted 2-wire BUS line.

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I/O module plus for 837

  • Surface-mount housing
  • Suitable for autosafe 837/837P
  • For doors in commercial buildings with requirements for comprehensive remote monitoring, such as escape route security systems or burglar alarm systems
  • 2-wire BUS, encrypted, tamper-proof

  • Input voltage: 12/24 V DC ± 10%
  • 7 feedback signals, incl. tamper signal
  • Potential-free opening impulse for short-time/continuous unlocking
  • Alarm system input for deactivating the opening signals
  • Door contact
  • Very simple and safe connection
Manual I/O module plus for 837 (M61) en –  pdf, 251 KBDownload
I/O module mini for 837

  • Small module, e.g. for flush mounting or mounting in the control cabinet
  • Suitable for autosafe 837/837P
  • For doors in commercial buildings with requirements for remote monitoring
  • 2-wire BUS, encrypted, tamper-proof
  • Input voltage: 12/24 V DC ± 10%

  • 2 feedback signals:
    1x locked, 1x freely selectable
  • Potential-free or potential-loaded opening impulse for short-time/continuous release
  • Very simple and safe connection
Manual I/O module mini for 837 (M60) en –  pdf, 221 KBDownload
Connecting cable 837

  • For connecting the autosafe 837/837P in standalone mode or with an I/O module
  • 4-core
  • Length: 10 m
FUHR Sperrbügelschloss

Additional locks

As added security, e.g. access restriction lock for restricted door opening.

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FUHR Sperrbügelschloss klein
Access restriction lock

  • Allows for restricted door opening to protect against unauthorised entry after the door has been opening
  • Suitable for multisafe 855GL/856/859, autosafe 833/835 and autotronic 834/836
  • Can be operated from the inside
  • Can also be deactivated from outside using the main lock for multisafe 855GL
  • 8 mm follower
  • 38 mm screw hole distance for rosette fitting
FUHR Zusatzriegelschloss klein
Additional deadbolt lock

  • Serves as added security component
  • The bolt works independently from the main lock 
  • Suitable for multisafe 855GL/856/859, autosafe 833/835 and autotronic 834/836
  • Designed for profile cylinder
FUHR Rollfalle

Roller latch

Simply replace the latch to use as a swing door lock.

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  • Available for multisafe 803 and 855GL
  • Adjustable up to 4.5 mm
Manual roller latch for multisafe 855GL/803 (MB6.1) en –  pdf, 4 MBDownload

Deadbolt stop set

Prevents the main deadbolt from shutting out so that the door can be opened using the inside handle at any time. Suitable for front doors of apartment buildings.


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  • For securely locked front doors in apartment buildings that need to be opened without a key in emergencies
  • The deadbolt stop prevents the main deadbolt shutting out
  • The door can be opened at any time using the inside handle
  • Suitable for the automatic locks autosafe 833/835 and autotronic 834/836
  • Retrofitting is easy using the complete set, including lock stop, cover cap for strike plate, sticker for deadbolt and door
  • No special lock version required
  • We recommend the automatic panic locks autosafe 833P/835P and autotronic 834P/836P for optimum door security in apartment buildings
Manual bolt stop set VMZ15449 (M35) en –  pdf, 761 KBDownload
FUHR Long-Life-Spray

LongLife spray

Maintenance spray for window and door fittings.


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  • Water-repellent
  • Rust-removing
  • Wear-minimising
  • Excellent creep properties
  • Long-lasting lubrication
Safety data sheet FUHR Long-Life-Spray en –  pdf, 616 KBDownload

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