Increased convenience through motor retrofitting

The automatic locks from the autosafe 833/835 series can be easily retrofitted with a motor at any time for convenient, motorised opening. This also applies for the access restriction lock versions and emergency exit door models with panic function.

Motor upgrade for automatic locks

Every door manufacturer has been there: a lock with motorised opening needs to be used in the front door instead of the originally planned automatic lock as an unexpected change. If the motorised locks aren’t available, however, then you have a problem. With the motor upgrade, the problem is solved.

All multipoint locking systems from the autosafe 833(SP)/833P(PK) and autosafe 835(SP)/835P(PK) series are suitable for this upgrade. The motor is simply installed on the mechanical lock to give users all the properties of the autotronic 834/836 motorised automatic lock. Stocking both autosafe mechanical locking systems and the universal motor drive allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests while reducing storage costs.

Benefits of motor retrofitting

  • Comfortable motorised opening in just seconds
  • Flexible response to customer requests
  • Cost-efficient storage
  • Convenient opening options thanks to modern access systems, e.g. multiscan goradio fingerprint scanner, transponder, keypad or radio key, or via an intercom system
  • Expansion with SmartHome products, such as SmartConnect door or SmartConnect easy, available at any time
  • Other configuration options are possible through the use of the intelligent control unit:
    - Permanently-open function
    - Electronic switch-off of access control systems
    - Swing door drive function
    - Door leaf position monitoring