Panic push bars with protection against viruses and bacteria

With the optional ABACO coating for its panic bar hardware, FUHR offers a secure, hygienic solution for buildings with high footfall. The ABACO fittings are an effective pandemic measure particularly for buildings with high hygiene standards, such as hospitals and care facilities.

Confirmed protection against coronavirus with ABACO coating

Recent studies have shown that the ABACO coating has both an anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect: the coating kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, completely preventing their spread from the very first contact. The anti-viral effect has now been confirmed in particular against the MHV coronavirus strain. What’s more, daily use of the push bar doesn’t limit the effectiveness of ABACO and instead intensifies it – over a period of 20 years.

Benefits of ABACO coating

  • Almost 100% anti-viral protection against MHV coronavirus strain, the betacoronavirus genus (the same genus and family as SARS-COV-1, SARS-COV-2/COVID19 and MERS)
  • Anti-microbial surface coating for use in areas with high hygiene requirements, e.g. hospitals, care facilities or schools
  • Reliable and permanent protection against pathogenic germs (salmonellae, grass bacillus, candida albicans, E. coli, staphylococci)
  • The anti-viral and anti-bacterial effect continues to intensify with increasing use throughout the product life cycle
  • Damage through wear on the surface (e.g. door knocker) has no effect on the anti-microbial properties
  • The special coating ensures increased protection against corrosion
  • Guaranteed anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect on the surface for a period of 20 years


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