Big security for little ones

With the autosafe 833P, FUHR offers a standard-compliant emergency exit door solution with automatic locking and double lever handle, specially designed for the safety requirements in nurseries. 

FUHR automatic multipoint locking system with emergency exit door function – specially designed for nursery

The autosafe 833P automatic multipoint locking system with panic function and double lever handle works without any complicated electrical installations thanks to its mechanical function. It can be retrofitted with a motor at any time if motorised unlocking is desired. Addition of a motor turns the lock into an autotronic 834P, which impresses with its increased convenience and enables stress-free expansion with access controls, timers, etc. – particularly practical during drop-off and pick-up times. Both versions can be retrofitted with the GfS EH door guard or GfS e-Bar® to ensure that children cannot leave the nursery building unnoticed. These alert supervising staff so that they can quickly intervene.

Meeting strict requirements – it’s child’s play

The FUHR nursery lock ensures that children can leave the danger area themselves in emergencies without compromising on the everyday operating convenience and break-in protection for adults and teachers. The FUHR nursery lock comes with two lock boxes that are connected to one another via a drive rail. Both lever handles work independently from one another on the lock. The bottom, alarm-activated lever is at the perfect height for children at around 850 mm. A lever handle height of 1050 mm is also available upon request. Adults can use the higher (520 mm above the lower lever), unalarmed lever to leave the building at any time. 


Versatile in use

The panic multipoint locking system is suitable for use with all door materials, whether it’s timber, plastic, aluminium or steel. All versions are also available with panic switching function B and switch function E. A controlled latch locking is also available as an option for function E. Key activation enables free access during drop-off and pick-up times.


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