Locking solutions for extraordinary requirements

Pivot doors are considered sophisticated door constructions and are increasingly requested in high-quality residential and commercial buildings. These are revolving doors that turn along a vertical axis. They can also be used to realise particularly large and prestigious entrance doors. This offers new design freedom, making them an increasingly popular element of modern architecture. As they differ from conventional revolving doors, which have a hinge side, the secure and reliable locking of a pivot door requires special product solutions in which all components work together perfectly.

At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2024, FUHR will be presenting the autotronic in a special pivot design. The automatic multi-point locking systems are used on both sides of the door leaf and offer a high level of door security combined with smart operating convenience, as they also offer motorised unlocking. Their DuoSecure technology, consisting of stable hook bolts and additional latching bolts, guarantees reliable locking as well as a high level of tight closure. The two-stage release of the secondary locking points impresses with its improved locking performance, even in demanding thermal conditions or critical installation situations. The fire protection version is already standard. Large door heights can be realised easily with matching extensions.

With its versatile connection options, autotronic 836 Pivot also fulfils the requirement to connect different access control systems for convenient access, e.g. the KeylessGo SmartTouch door handle. This is available in different lengths and in stainless steel and matt black finishes, allowing it to harmonise with the door design. The door can be opened conveniently from the inside using a button or the usual lever handle.

An elegant power supply has also been considered. This is provided via special plunger contacts, without interfering cable transitions. A battery module can be installed directly in the door leaf to ensure a reliable operating voltage, especially in the event of a power failure.


Further information on this solution will follow shortly.
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