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The motorised lock for all applications

The fully motorised multipoint locking mechanism - in a class of its own

multironic 881 is always the first choice to implement even the most challenging specification requirements. Intelligent technology combined with a modular construction make the system versatile and suitable for any application and equally appropriate for uPVC, Aluminium and timber doors.

Due to the certified integrated panic function the door can be opened easily from inside via the lever handle. multironic 881 has certified for use on panic and emergency exit doors according to DIN EN 1125 / DIN EN 179.


Image: multitronic 881 - Electromechanical multipoint locking. Fully automatic.

Opening and closing takes place electronically – it seems to happen by itself. As soon as the door closes the lock engages and locks automatically, safely, gently and permanently shut. It is unlocked via modern access control systems depending on personal preference. The ultimate in comfort and convenience!


Premium quality materials, comprehensive testing and lastly the FUHR brand name guarantee effective security, due to a long product life and lasting reliability. Compatibility with systems meeting the highest security requirements and potential integration into monitoring systems add to the overall security.


Permanent multipoint locking ensures constant impermeability. Heat remains inside the house, air-conditioned air does not escape. Precious energy is conserved, a comfortable environment is created and energy costs are reduced!


Intelligent control technology for any system requirement
The core of the motorised locking system multitronic 881 consists of intelligent control technology, that combines convenience and security effortlessly. The inputs and outputs included as standard offer an interface for any conceivable application, such as for example intercom systems or access control (fingerprint scanners, transponders, numeric code locks), BMS building management systems, alarm systems, timers, automatic swing door drives and many others.



Optionele radio-toegangsverleningen

Bild: Optionale Funk-Zutrittskontrollen von FUHR

  Bild: Geprüft und zertifiziert gem. EN 179.       Bild: Geprüft und zertifiziert gem. EN 1125.             Bild: Siegel der GGT für die bestandene Benutzerprüfung