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Fuhr - Produkte - Elektrische Türöffner


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Electrical strikes with radius latch - symmetrical and small


FUHR E-MOTION - demonstrative profitable

  • No need for time-consuming cutting thanks to radius latch section
  • Tightness and door optics not negatively affected
  • Non-handed use due to the symmetrical design
  • Universal voltage range: 12-24 V AC/DC
  • Investment-cast steel latch section for latch slide
  • Latch section adjustable by +/-1.5 mm
  • Simple and efficient to fit
  • Can be used even in the narrowest strike plates – only 15.7 mm wide
  • Perfectly designed for FUHR strike plates and for every application
  • Wide range of designs
  • Mechanical versions also available
  • Convenient activation via radio with the optional radio receiver for electric strikes
Image: Electrical door opener
Standard designs
  • Fail-secure design
  • Voltage: 10-24 V AC/DC (42 Ohm)
  • Also: 11-13 V DC with100% duty cycle
  • Connection type: screw terminal
Optional designs
  • Mechanical release lever
  • Reporting contact (connection type: spring clamp), for e.g. access control systems
  • Hold-open function – keeps the door unlocked until it has been opened
  • Fail-safe design
  • Strong spring
  • Other versions available on request
Image: Closeness and appearance of the door get remain.      Image: Milling of the anterior profile edge is void.